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Radio Skid Row Supporter Drive 2024 Become a Supporter, Program Patron or Make a One-off Donation Since 1983, Radio Skid Row has stood the test of time and cemented itself in the community as a bastion of progressive, radical, grassroots activity. However, now more than ever, we can’t do it alone. We rely on the ongoing support of listeners like you to keep our station running and our message alive. By becoming a supporter today, you’re not just backing a radio station; you’re investing in a movement for change. Together, let’s keep Radio Skid Row on the airwaves and where…

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Amplify: Story, Resistance, Radio On October 7th, the Tin Shed’s Gallery showcased an eye-opening observational documentary that offered viewers an intimate glimpse into the world of Sydney’s very first community Aboriginal radio station, 88.9 Radio Redfern. This unique film played out against the backdrop of contemporary Aboriginal music, providing a…

Community Language Programs

Blak Friday

Blak Friday offers a weekly celebration of Indigenous excellence, curated by host Aaliyah-Jade Bradbury. Through music, arts, and culture, the show showcases the best of Indigenous talent and creativity. Aaliyah-Jade Bradbury, an Erub & Larrakia filmmaker, writer, and creative, continues her family’s legacy in arts and media. As the first…

Current Projects

History Skid Row

History Skid Row is a project launching in 2022 that will take a deep dive into the rich and vibrant history of the past close to forty years of Radio Skid Row. From interviews with Skid-Rowers from the early days to speaking to those who are still around today –…