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Pandemic Radio began during the COVID lockdowns of 2021 with Overseas Students to produce programs that reflect their concerns and interests.

Tales and Poems by Trans Women in India – Fighting on Different Fronts

Exploring the coming-out story of trans-woman Swarnim’s , the wider issue of trans rights under the Indian State as well as celebrating poems and music of protest and joy that speak from the margins.

Produced by Misbah Ansari & Swarnim with the support of Radio Skid Row Trainer Rose Nakad

Image from Sarees, Spaces and the Memories that Bind Them, Mumbai 2017
By the Aravani Art Project – a Women and Trans-Women Art Collective…13#projects-12

Đất Nước: From the Revolution to Globalisation

This audio essay is a small engagement with land rights in Vietnam – from the violence of the colonial past to the violence of modern global capitalism and Vietnam’s move away from its socialist principles. We’ll be listening to the stories of the people from Thủ Thiêm area (Hồ Chí Minh city), whose livelihoods have been gravely affected by neo-liberal land policy in the name of “development.”

By René Hà

Image by René Hà, from the town of Nha Trang in 2015

The Kerala Model – Alternatives to State Neglect and Uncontrolled Capitalism

The Kerala Model – Alternatives to State Neglect and Uncontrolled Capitalism

Kerala is the only state in India with a communist government, and is also one of the states that has tried to contain the forces of neo liberalism and the privatisation of vital social services, We explore how these polices played a role in the development of what has become known as the Kerala Model.

Our program focuses on the first wave of the pandemic and also considers some of the problems faced by Kerala in containing later waves, including the obstacles arising from the destructive polices of the national government.

K K Shailaja by Katty Huertas
Covid testing by Arun Chandrabose

This project was funded through City of Sydney.