To our community,

Many people within the Radio Skid Row family care for people who are at high-risk for contracting COVID-19. Radio Skid Row believes it has a responsibility to not contribute to the spread of the virus and will be taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers and staff.

As of MIDNIGHT THURSDAY 19TH MARCH 2020 we will be enacting our COVID-19 Action Plan

On air programming will operate in a limited capacity. We will be announcing a short-list of shows that will continue to run LIVE with community updates.

Our office will be closed. You can still listen or donate online or give us a call on (02) 9550 9552 or email

All training, community activities and projects are on hiatus.

Radio Skid Row is committed to slowing the spread of the virus while also amplifying community initiatives and voices that aim to support the most marginalised during this difficult time.

While we practice social-distancing, the Radio Skid Row Team will be working on innovative ways to bring content to our supporters. Stay tuned to 88.9FM and join us on Facebook and Instagram – to remain updated on the content we will be producing during this time.

Radio Skid Row has compiled a COVID resource list for community members seeking support during the pandemic. Click here for more information.

These are crazy times we are living in, but know Radio Skid Row has your back!