The Cycle Re-cycle Club, sometimes known as the Nunnery Bike workshop, is a group of volunteers who spend their time fixing old bikes.

Cycle Re-cycle accepts donations of old and broken bikes and then put the bits and pieces together.

What we like best about them is that they give the fixed bikes to people who can’t normally afford them.

Frank is a volunteer at the centre and sees his work there as very much part of his environmental activism.

‘I like to think every bike I get back on the road makes an immediate impact.’

Apart from environmental activism, Frank also considers himself to be a freegan.

‘Since I moved to Sydney I have been able to get most of what I need for free – free furniture and free food. Living your life like this gives you the free time to live your life like this; it allows me to spend some time helping at the club.’

The Cycle Re-cycle Club website has more information on how to get involved.