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Dear sisters, mothers, aunties, neighbours, friends, cousins, grandmothers, lovers and comrades: Radio Skid Row is looking for women of colour to contribute to a new podcast series The series aims to challenge the false representation of our lives and struggles. So often we are simplistically represented as victims of our own cultures and communities. Together we will explore the feminist strategies of women of colour – how they fight against gender injustice inside families and communities, while also fighting racism and poverty from the wider world. The project aims to support 4 women in their production skills, while creating unique radio programs that create new feminist knowledge and history.

There are two ways you can get involved:

We are looking for 4 co-producers:
– Preferably women just starting out in media production
– They will produce while receiving mentoring and training
– This role requires time commitment and hard work

We are looking for people interested to share ideas and responses:
– Through a recorded discussion or interview (all types of English language are welcome)
– By writing a very short story, poem, essay or speech with support from the Senior Producer
– Producing originally composed sound design or music with support from the Senior Producer

Guiding Themes of the Project Theme One: How do women work together to resist and fight different types of male domination within their families and communities. Ideas, strategies and actions. Theme Two: How do women of colour negotiate their feminisms in relationships with men they consider comrades in social change. Ideas, strategies and actions.

If you are interested or have questions, please send a hello email to Rose (Senior Producer: critical theory activist and community artist)

Or please feel free to call Del Lumanta (Project Coordinator) on (02) 9560 4254. All people who identify as women of colour are welcome, including identities that intersect culture, gender, sexuality and spiritual belief.

Warm regards, Rose Nakad (Senior Producer) and Del Lumanta (Project Coordinator) Women of Colour in Solidarity and Struggle Radio Skid Row