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About Afrika Connexions

The Afrika Connexions Story is an online tribute to a radio program that is now more than 30 years old. Starting as a radical, anti-apartheid program on Radio Skid Row, the show has expanded to embrace every wave of African migrants to Australia. On any Sunday you can tune in from 12 noon to 3pm or, better still, head to the station where you will usually find a little piece of Africa in Sydney. This program was made on the 25th anniversary of Afrika Connexions to honour and celebrate the work of Africans – in exile and from the African diaspora – who broke new ground creating African radio and forging Afrikan Connexions in Australia. Listen to the Afrika Connexions Anniversary Program

U Shaka – Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba, or Mama Africa as she was known, was a prolific artist and anti-apartheid activist. Her music is well known but perhaps less known were her close affiliations with the American civil rights movements and Pan-African movements. Check out Miriam Makeba’s Official Website People say that Shaka was the…

We Want a Leader – Sonny Okosuns

Sonny Okosuns (sometimes spelt without the ‘s’) was born in Nigeria in 1947. His reggae hit Fire in Soweto resulted in world fame, which lasted through the late 70’s and 80’s. The song became an underground hit in South Africa. Okosuns played many anti-apartheid concerts and was also known for his pan-africanism,…

Zombie – Fela

Written and recorded in 1976, the song Zombie is the musical manifestation of Fela’s personal transformation into a political force. The song marks the crucial turning point in Fela’s development when his political awakening merged with his new musical vision. Considering the social and political context that birthed the song, Zombie is a scathing…