About the Project Team
Kween G (interviews and audio production)started her radio career as a teenager on Radio Skid Row. The story goes that her father visited Skid Row as an an Afrika Connexions guest and brought his sons. By the end of the interview Kween G’s brothers were hooked and started broadcasting. Kween G followed. Today she is a hip hop artist, a radio producer and trainer. In a typical week she runs workshops at Radio Skid Row with some of the next generation African women on air, then takes a plane to the desert to run a hip hop workshop just to get back in time to present her weekly radio show on Fbi. She is always performing around the country.

Huna Amweero (research and writing) learnt to operate the Radio Skid Row studio panel when she was 5 years old. She was doing a shift with her school friends when she was in primary school and continued until high school. She has also presented a radio program at Fbi in Sydney. When she is not on air, she is writing. Having just finished her Bachelor of Arts, she wrote most of the content on these pages while living in New York.
Guy Freer (web design) is Radio Skid Row’s resident web designer. He is also a musician and a perfectionist!

Nicola Joseph (project mentor) is a walking history book of Radio Skid Row and she can produce some mean radio programs too.
Thanks to all the others in the skid row team who came in to help us sort photos and audio recordings.
This project received funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.