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Leotaogo Niue Sitini

Profile Fakalofa lahi atu he higoa ha Iesu Keriso

Misi Hane Kaseta is the one and only host on Leotaogo Niue Sitini broadcasting since 1998. Acknowledgements to Radio Rotuma for encouraging me to get on board the Pacific Wave on Radio Skid Row every Saturdays and for Metuisela for paying the airtime fees until we were able to get funding from the Government!

The program focus is on connecting the Niue people in Sydney NSW, Aotearoa NZ and all around the world to Niue Nukututaha the mother land, providing local community news from Niue, Covid information, up and coming events, music, arts and craft to name a few!

The show targets Niueans, family and friends through Language, Climate change on the Island and region, information from the homeland and ties to Niue Community Council NSW and local Worship Communities.

Check us out every Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm 88.9fm or Live Stream Leotaogo Niue Sitini Radio Skid Row

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