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Kid Row (Coming Summer 2021)

Kid Row engages with the youngest members of our community bringing a sense of joy, fun and play into the station. The idea started from wanting to create a space for the children of broadcasters who could come in and see what their parents got up to and have a go at broadcasting themselves, sharing their voice to help foster a love for community radio.


G.A.N.G. Gang (Good And Nice, Great!) is Radio Skidrow’s BIPOC Youth Collective. The aim of this collective is to meet, share and develop skills around media practice with a critical mind and an understanding of media’s power to shift culture. By promoting this school of thought, we hope to create long-term pathways for young people to create media that empowers our communities.

Participants are invited to get involved within station culture and produce material they are passionate about with the guidance of mentors from different areas of the community radio sector as well as the community arts and music industry. Together G.A.N.G. Gang have contributed to hosting live-to-air radio, event organising/documentation, meme making, podcasts and film. Some of these projects include: Afrikan Connexions, Survival Guide 107 Projects Takeover, all ages Lion King screening, Loft Renter, Titas & The Tea podcast.

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This production was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Find out more at

Survival Guide


Is a 2 season podcast series by Lorna Munro and Joel Sherwood Spring. The series centres Indigenous voices amongst multicultural Waterloo residents to critique colonisation and gentrification showing there is a Blak History to your flat white. Their final episode was recorded in front of a live audience during a takeover event at 107 Projects that launched a community archive of Redfern and Waterloo’s radical indigenous history.


Is a summer training program was our response to the community’s request to revive Radio Redfern – Radio Skid Row’s original all day Indigenous broadcast. Opening up the airwaves to Indigenous people of all ages.

Groundbreaking special broadcasts produced by Lorna Munro featuring a wide range of Indigenous voices celebrating resistance. This is Radio Skid Row’s response to the trauma of Jan 26 for Indigenous communities, providing alternatives for them to engage with culture and history that empowers aboriginal communities during this complex time.

Lion Mountain Studio

Lion Mountain Studio is a community project initiated by members of Sydney’s Sierra Leone community. The project was devised to assist people from Sierra Leone and other African communities to gain access and training in music making and recording in an informal structure, with the long-term goal of building the capacity of the communities for creative expression in a computerised and online media environment.

To achieve this, the project focuses primarily on building technical skills in music production and recording through songwriting and music creation-based activities. The project has a training space provided through in kind support from Radio Skid Row, and aside from a coordinator and specialist presenters, the project is run by volunteer producers and engineers. The project is also supported by Metro Migrant Resource Centre, Marrickville Youth Resource Centre and MusicNSW.

Project participants often begin with a low level of computer literacy and the program seeks to build these skills along the way. Through the online release of music produced in the project, the participants have had the opportunity to tell their story to a wide and varied audience. Project participants have also identified their participation in the project as assisting greatly in improving their self esteem and mental health, as well as developing their technical and computer-based skills.

For more information on the project head to the project website.