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A powerful celebration of Hip Hop culture, spoken word poetry, film and community development is being hosted by community radio station Radio SkidRow. A FREE event was held on Sunday, 14 August 2016, at Addison Road Community Centre, it was broadcast live with the aim of spreading knowledge, consciousness and social action in some of Sydney’s most marginalised communities.

Only a minority of MCs in Australia present Hip Hop as the positive force it is for artists and youth, as well as a platform for skills development and social responsibility. Poetry in Commotion was an event for doers and lovers of art, education and innovation in community development. A FREE screening of Hip Hop icon Nasir Jones’ documentary SHAKE THE DUST, will also be featured. Compelling stories of breakdance crews in the slums of four countries – Uganda, Cambodia, Colombia and Yemen – are the film’s focus.

Poetry in Commotion included performances by talented, emerging and established dancers, MCs and spoken word poets representing Sydney’s west and inner west. Special guest poet Sham – E – Ali from the USA will also perform and engage the audience on the topic of social justice activism. To learn more about this family-friendly community event, visit our event page Poetry in Commotion, send us an email, or call us on 02 9560 4254