When we started this project we spent a lot of time searching the Internet for people to interview. We were surprised, when we were looking for people to talk about online activism and its relationship with direct action, how hard it was to track down some of the key players.

The name Micah M. White kept coming up in articles and twitter searches – so we sent off a bunch of emails trying to contact him. Months went by, and just as we finished the second documentary an email appeared in our inbox. MICAH WHITE had emailed us! He was what was missing from our second documentary. And now, just when we’d finished the last mix, he contacts us!

Too important to be left out, we ripped our mix apart to fit him in.

Why is Micah so important to the discussion about activism today?

This is what we love about him:

  • He is young – he may be in his early 30s but he’s been an activist since his early teens.
  • He has a few major claims to fame – he is credited with popularising the term ‘clicktavism’ AND with being one of the two people who created the original idea of OCCUPY WALL STREET.

Enough said.

You can read more about Micah and some articles by him yourself. We strongly encourage it.

Here’s his own website with articles and bio.

A great article by Micah on how clicktavism is ruining leftist activism.

The story of how Occupy Wall Street was conceived.