This interview first went on air in 1985 as part of an Afrika Connexions news segment, which was at 1 pm every Sunday.

Maxwell Nemadzivhanani was virtually a member of the Afrikan Connexions team, although his primary role was chief representative of the Pan African Congress of Azania. He travelled extensively in the position, attending meetings of the Non Aligned Movement as well as meetings of PAC in exile.

Maxwell was born in Limpopo (formerly known as Transvaal), came to Australia in 1977 as a student, and then became the chief representative of the Pan Africanist Congress in Australasia. He returned to South Africa after Mandela was released from prison, where he held several senior positions in the PAC before being controversially expelled from the party in June 2003 by a rival faction of the party.

He later joined the ANC and became a member of the Limpopo legislature.

Maxwell Nemadzivhanani died in April 2015 in Polokwane at the age of 59, after a long illness.

This interview marks the first time he was actually in the studio rather than on the phone. He talks here about the struggle against the infamous pass laws of South Africa.