One of the efforts to take Afrika Connexions beyond the studio began with a hut in the Addison Rd Community Centre where Radio Skid Row is located.

Named Afrika House, Paul Thusi started the hut in the 90s in an effort to establish a communal meeting space for those who were not directly involved with the program, but who had lots to offer the African communities in an off-air the time very few community organisations were providing services for the African communities.

Afrika House was used for parties, weekend tutoring (the science for girls was one of our favourites) and as a rehearsal space for musicians and dancers. Radio Skid Row supported the hut simply by securing the lease and co-ordinating the bookings.

Once Afrika House kicked off it paid for itself with donations from everyone who used it. Afrika House operated for nearly ten years by which time community organisations, councils and other services started to get funding to support African communities.

Pictured here is master guitarist Moussa Diakite visiting the house. Moussa was one of many musicians who took part in the Afrika Connexion Festivals at Marrickville.