Another area that many say is likely to lose most of its state-owned housing is Glebe. Home to Indigenous, migrant and working class families for decades, Glebe has history with urban development that makes it an interesting case of both renewal and gentrification.

In the 1970s, housing owned by the Anglican church was bought by the Whitlam Government, which, under the guidance of Tom Uren, saw it become a successful site for urban renewal geared towards working class families. That community housing was later sold to the NSW State Government. Like all other housing estates covered in this series, Glebe’s public housing is the cause of much debate due to the rising value of inner-city housing.

What we are seeing in Glebe is the gentrification of the area down by the water, while the end closer to Broadway is still home to working class families who have lived in the area since the days of the Whitlam government. Highly-valued old mansions and boarding houses are being renovated, while the changing businesses are pushing the area towards a different lifestyle.

These changes have also seen a period of decline in the care and money going into public housing. Houses are not being maintained for residents, instead being left to decay. The Glebe edition of the program looks at the residents still in Glebe who give it a strong political and cultural history, and comments on what the future may hold for Glebe. 



NAISDA - Dancing in Glebe

The National and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) was an influential indigenous organisation in Glebe throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. In the 1970's an Afican Amercan dancer, Carole Johnson. visited Australia as part of a dance company. After the tour Carole remained in Australia to work with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island communities of Sydney and develop contemporary…
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Squatters and the Elsie Refuge

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