The idea for the iAmActive project was inspired by the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring of 2010–11. It got us at Radio Skid Row thinking and asking lots of questions.

Questions like, 'Would an Arab Spring ever happen in Australia?' or 'What would it take for hundreds of thousands of us to go out onto the streets?'

Then there was the whole idea that the Arab Spring, in particular the demonstrations in Egypt, started on Facebook that got us thinking about other questions.

Questions like, 'Is it possible to be an activist just online?'

So we got some help from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and a few of us put together lists of activists – some who work on local campaigns and some who work on national ones... and the iAmActive project got started.


The iAmActive team includes:

Executive Producer: Nicola Joseph

Reporters: Em Couch and Isobel Deane

iAmActive photos: Barbara McGrady

Website Design: Guy Freer


Activist Profiles


Frank – Cycle Re-cycle Club

The Cycle Re-cycle Club, sometimes known as the Nunnery Bike workshop, is a group of volunteers who spend their time fixing old bikes. Cycle Re-cycle accepts donations of old and broken bikes and then put the bits and pieces together. What we like best about them is that they give the fixed bikes to people who can't normally afford them. Frank is a volunteer at the centre and sees his work there…
greenway 1

Jug Agius – Friends of Greenway

If you live in the inner west, chances are you have heard about the Greenway Project. What you probably didn't know is that the project started with a handful of passionate people. Jug Agius was one of them. Friends of Greenway is a community group that started a campaign which has now spanned years. Their vision was to preserve a greenway – a kind of linear park – along the side of an old…

Micah M White – Occupy Wall Street

When we started this project we spent a lot of time searching the Internet for people to interview. We were surprised, when we were looking for people to talk about online activism and its relationship with direct action, how hard it was to track down some of the key players. The name Micah M. White kept coming up in articles and twitter searches – so we sent off a bunch of emails trying to…

Cathy Nisbit – Local Activist

When Radio Skid Row reporter, Em Couch went to interview Cathy Nisbit from Kogarah Community Services about her work, Cathy wasn't sure if she considered herself an activist. 'I just never thought of an activist as having painted nails and wearing lipstick,' she said. Cathy is a part-time community worker at the Centre, where she is paid for two days a week work. Like a lot of community workers,…
Ray jackson

Ray Jackson – Indigenous Social Justice…

If you ever found yourself walking down the streets of Redfern in Sydney, you may have come across a well-known figure, Ray Jackson. He was pretty hard to miss as he always wore a hat covered in political badges – often with a matching vest. Definitely an old school activist, Ray devoted decades to the campaign to Stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Ray was the president of the Indigenous Social…

Paddy Gibson – Stop the Intervention…

Paddy Gibson is an organiser with Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) and has studied the impact on those in the 'prescribed communities'. Since 2008 he has been a researcher for the UTS Jumbunna House of Learning. STIC is an open collective of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people committed to the repeal of the NT Intervention and the struggle for Aboriginal self-determination. The…
Peace activist

Nick Deane – Marrickville Peace Group

The Marrickville Peace Group is a collective of individuals of disparate political views who come together to foster activities in support of peace and in opposition to war as a means of settling international disputes. They meet in the back room of a Marrickville cafe once a month and Nick Deane often finds himself writing minutes, press releases and letters on behalf of the group. 'We don't…
protester aboriginal

Barbara McGrady – Photographer

At an opening of Barbara McGrady's photographic exhibition at the Redfern Community Centre, Gary Foley said that one of her photos was worth thousands of pages written by historians like himself. At the same time, Gary noted that while there are many community photographers, Barbara's photos were different because they are taken with an Aboriginal eye. We love Barbara's photography of protests,…

Sophie Peer – Chilout.org

At the time of writing this, things couldn't be much worse in Australia for refugees. The issue of people claiming refugee status has been the political football of both major parties, while many of us are left speechless. Sophie Peer is not lost for words when it comes to the issue, in particular the issue of refugee children. She is currently the campaign director and the only paid worker…

About the project

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What is an Activist?

For the past year, a team of Radio Skid Row producers have been walking the streets of Sydney… Read more...
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The I Am Active! team

The iAmActive team includes: Executive Producer: Nicola Joseph Reporters: Em Couch and Isobel Deane… Read more...

How this project started

The idea for the iAmActive project was inspired by the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt during… Read more...