Millers Point: A community under the hammer

Get a sense for what is at stake in selling off Millers Point public housing with this interactive website from the Sydney Morning Herald. Learn more about the history of the area and the government’s plans for the future. Most importantly, you get a better sense of the people that are fighting to keep their homes as seven residents tell their stories. Click here visit site. 

Millers Point terrace proceeds top $15 million after sixth state government auction

Most recent property to be auctioned as part of the State Government “pilot sales program” nets the government an easy $1.71 million. According to this article, the remaining 287 properties will be sold over the next two years. Click Here. 

Lessons for Millers Point from Anthony Albanese's mother

Anthony Albanese was the third generation of his family to live in community housing in Camperdown. Story here

Millers Point: A Community Up For Sale




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Millers Point

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