IMG 5532For the past year, a team of Radio Skid Row producers have been walking the streets of Sydney talking to activists who are fighting for change.

In some cases, they are fighting for a change in their local neighbourhood.

Others are trying to change the country, and still others are trying to change the world.

We talked with over 30 people about how they see their activism, how much time they spend supporting their cause or causes, and how they see activism changing with the emergence of online activism.

So what do we mean by the term 'activist'?

Wikipedia tells us that 'Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change, or stasis. Activism can take a wide range of forms from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, political campaigning, economic activism such as boycotts or preferentially patronizing businesses, rallies, street marches, strikes, sit-ins, and hunger strikes.'

Some of the people we interviewed said they felt that you were not really an activist if you were being paid to do a job, while others said that was unfair because so many community jobs include a mix of paid and unpaid hours.

Another suggestion was that to be an activist you had to be working on campaigns that go beyond your personal realm of family and social networks.

Most people agreed that signing online petitions and supporting causes by liking and sharing them in social networks was not activism.