The idea for the iAmActive project was inspired by the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring of 2010–11. It got us at Radio Skid Row thinking and asking lots of questions.

Questions like, 'Would an Arab Spring ever happen in Australia?' or 'What would it take for hundreds of thousands of us to go out onto the streets?'

Then there was the whole idea that the Arab Spring, in particular the demonstrations in Egypt, started on Facebook that got us thinking about other questions.

Questions like, 'Is it possible to be an activist just online?'

So we got some help from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and a few of us put together lists of activists – some who work on local campaigns and some who work on national ones... and the iAmActive project got started.


The iAmActive team includes:

Executive Producer: Nicola Joseph

Reporters: Em Couch and Isobel Deane

iAmActive photos: Barbara McGrady

Website Design: Guy Freer